2018 Summer Futsal Tournament

August 4th & 5th

General Info

  • 2004-2001 Single Age Group
  • All games are at Hornet Futsal Courts

Registration Deadline for teams Friday, July 27th.

4-16 Teams

  • $200 Team Registration Fee
  • $25 AFC Player Registration
  • Rosters of up to 9 players
  • Need an adult as Team Official

Game Information

  • Two 20 min halves
  • 2 games guaranteed
  • Playoff Bracket

Registration Process:

  1. Form a team with your friends. Teams must have a minimum roster of six (6) players and max roster of nine (9) players. Any gender mix you would like.
  2. All players on roster must INDIVIDUALLY register to be a member of Alameda Futsal Club at a cost of $25.  Link: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/132210
  3. ONE person from the team needs to fill out the TEAM REGISTRATION FORM.
  4. Once Team Registration Form is submitted your team will be added to Teamsnap Summer Tournament Division.  At that point your Team Official will receive an invoice for the $200 team fee that needs to be paid to secure your team’s spot in the tournament.
  5. A confirmation email will go to everyone on the team once team invoice is paid.