AFC Futsal Fridays

Help out with Futsal Friday

To keep Futsal Friday going, we need the help of parents and older teens. Scroll down the page for more information on our volunteer needs.

shutterstock_253356979Help your kids (ages 7 - 16) develop their soccer skills at Futsal Friday, most Fridays, from 6 - 7:45 pm at the Alameda Point Gym ($7 donation per player, check the Announcements page for any closures).

This program was designed to provide kids an opportunity for loosely-structured "street soccer," where kids learn by doing. With age-appropriate facilitation by adult volunteers, kids have fun, get more ball-time for improved handling skills, and learn movement and decision making on the fly.

If your child has never been to Futsal Friday before or participated in one of our Winter Leagues, please register using the link below.

How to Help on Futsal Fridays

  • Set up: Sort pinnies, set up goals, move bleachers, put out chairs, inflate balls, set up timers
  • Supervise the older kids court(s) by ensuring captains are picked, play is safe, the timers are set, and games start and end promptly, and by managing team rotations 
  • Organize the younger kids courts by leading team selection, discussing general Futsal rules, and managing team rotations
  • Supervise the younger kids courts by ensuring teams start with 5 v 5, play is safe, help new kids learn how to sub-in, and help with team rotations
  • Clean up: Collect used pinnies, move bleachers, and put away goals, chairs, and balls

A team rotation template will be available soon.