About us

Our Mission

To provide a quality environment and experience for players of all levels and ages to play and learn the game of futsal.  Alameda Futsal Club will do this by:

  • Focusing on skill development and fun vs winning
  • Utilizing US Soccer certified referees who understand the spirit and art of the game
  • Matching teams of similar skill in appropriate divisions and age groups where possible
  • Work with coaches and parents to enhance their understanding and appreciation of futsal and how it benefits player's ball control, decision-making, speed of play and thought


Our History

In 2008, Paulo Altaffer and John Orla-Bukowski started co-coaching a Futsal team together. In that first season, we realized how much the game of Futsal taught the players - moving off the ball, passing, receiving, control and decision-making. Additionally, we saw the players develop confidence and trust in themselves and their team mates. As coaches, we were thrilled to facilitate and help the players learn from the game!

We started talking to parents and friends in and around Alameda about Futsal and the benefits - each child or parent who played or watched Futsal games quickly became fanatics. Two more fellow Brazilians, Jeorson Santos and Junior Hollanda joined us a year later and co-coached teams together. With their passion and enthusiasm, we worked to create and develop Alameda Futsal Club. Soon after they started coaching teams, more partners came to help, with Mike Elias, Adam Galan, Ed Owens, Kevin Krajewski and Chris Salemne providing fantastic concrete support and encouragement along the way. We're always looking for more volunteers and help with our programs - please reach out to us if you are interested in being a part of our community.

We all have a keen desire to provide quality programs: leagues, clinics and Futsal Friday to the players in and around Alameda. As coaches and referees, we are committed to providing the players a safe, fun and rewarding environment where they learn and grow in the spirit of the game. As parents, we understand about providing a reasonably affordable opportunity to go hand in hand with the quality and enjoyment. We’re local, we’re non-profit and we’re Alameda Futsal Club - come try us out and see what your child has been missing!

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